Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Morley's Story: A Bethesda Row Shop Gets an Upgrade

Many years ago I lived in Delray Beach, Florida and my dear friend Caroline Delafield had one of the best shops on Atlantic Ave - Periwinkle.  Known for her style and eye for great finds, Carrie's first store was a big success quickly expanding to an even larger space in Delray.  Two years ago she opened a second shop named Morley which had a trendier - less preppy vibe.  

Carrie recently decided to bring Morley to my new neighborhood - Bethesda, Maryland.  She was lucky to secure a spot in the busy Bethesda Row shopping district and when she asked for my help renovating the space I was more than happy to oblige.  

The budget and timeframe were very tight - only two weeks! So we focused on our goals of lightening and brightening the exterior facade and interior spaces so they better reflect Morley's contemporary brand.  

Here are a few photos of the exterior before: 
Dark and dreary - lots of brown - not much of a standout.  

Facade before
In progress...

Facade after
What a difference paint makes!
Here is the plan I drew up for the new facade:

I still prefer to hand draft when I can!
Inside the store before the renovation there were many different colors (orange, green, purple) and the space seemed dark despite the large front display windows.  We removed the plastic panels seen below and painted the trellis white.  



Front of store before

Cash wrap before

In progress

A bold, blue agate wall mural was custom ordered for the back of the cash wrap area and signage was installed on top. 

The new custom cash wrap has a place for everything...

In progress


I have to admit the biggest change came from switching out the 
old light bulbs to new brighter whiter LED bulbs.  
Huge change.  HUGE!

In the back of the store an angled wall separated the dressing area from the front of the store so we removed the lower part and of course painted everything white to create a more cohesive feel. 

 Honestly one of the cheapest and most effective 
design tools is simply a can of white paint.

Back of store before

In progress

In progress

The recessed ceiling was painted turquoise and we decided to keep  the capiz shell chandelier from the previous tenant.  It was cleaned and we added new LED bulbs to give it a new lease on life.  

In progress

The solid bamboo floors were also darkened....
I'm still trying to figure out how the floor refinishers 
balanced all of those tools on one counter...Yikes!

New displays were uncrated and merchandise added....

And finally the finished space is merchandised and 
ready for the first shoppers of the day...

So next time you are in Bethesda stop by.....
We hope you find the space much more inviting and we know you'll find lots of must have jewelry and fashion!

Until Next Time,


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