Saturday, August 23, 2014

A Reimagined Townhouse in Amsterdam

Our President Asieh had a fabulous summer visiting friends around the world.
The next few posts will feature her thoughts and musings on her travels. 

Friends of ours are serial home renovators. They are able to see the true potential of a home - no matter how neglected - and turn it into something special. Their first project was a two-floor apartment in the Kensington section of London. Now, having relocated to Amsterdam, they are tackling a four story townhouse, circa 1905. (It's not one of the buildings above but I thought the photo would help relay the charm of Amsterdam).
When they purchased their home last year, it hadn't been touched for the last 40 years. Caroline, a former bond trader, took the lead and worked with her general contractor for the next four months to transform the place.  What caught my eye in particular is what she did with the main floor.  They gutted part of the first floor and the basement and turned two floors into one area.  The kitchen and dining area now have nearly 20 feet of soaring height.  The back wall is comprised of folding windows that open up the entire space into their garden.
A view from the garden in -- the windows partially folded opened.
Caroline and her husband Hugo have two young, active children.
They took this into consideration and built an in-ground trampoline in the garden. 
You can just see it behind the hedges.
Hugo loves to cook so naturally the kitchen was a big priority.  The result is a chef's dream.
I loved her clever use of the wall behind the stove - a chalk board that has their family's schedule and a favorite recipe for aioli. 
The home is an ongoing project. I look forward to visiting again soon to see the continuing transformation. 
 One final photo - his and hers wooden clogs!
All photos courtesy of Asieh Kehyari.

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