Monday, September 8, 2014

Shopping For Your Home In Montreal

Here is another travel post from Asieh!
Montreal is famous for its plethora of festivals and unique foods (poutine anyone?) but what impressed me most during a recent visit was the variety and uniqueness of the city's home goods stores.

While strolling down St. Paul Street in Old Montreal, I came upon the Espace Pepin shops.  The brother and sister duo behind the stores focus on Canadian talent and most of the items in their home store - Maison - are made in Montreal. 

I loved the antique industrial lights below.

Across the street from Maison is A Table Tout Le Monde. The tableware is so delicately beautiful and displayed with such care that I felt like I had walked into a museum.  The owner of the store showcases products from around the world.
These Japanese bowls below are made of paper and are biodegradable.  You can add them to your compost pile - not that you would want to.

For on-the-go tableware, you need to go no further then next door to Lunch-a-Porter

Self described carriers of "eco-intelligent, designer lunch gear and accessories" the store features such clever items that you may decide you need to start packing a lunch. Most of the products offered are Japanese. Take a look at the matroyshka bento boxes below.

Further north, on Boulevard Saint-Laurent, is Latitude Nord.  An upscale furniture store, it showcases original, contemporary pieces. Most of the pieces are Italian.

The chair below was described to us as "a chair for all body types." My three companions and I certainly didn't disagree.

I met the President Director General, Sylvain Faucher, while visiting the showroom.  He was very knowledgeable and couldn't have been friendlier - he even recommended bagel and ice cream shops to us.    

I could go on and on. Montreal has fantastic stores. Next time you are there, I hope you take some time to at least window shop.


Shopping Guide:

Espace Pepin - 350 St. Paul Street O, Montréal, QC H2Y 2A7, Canada
A Table Tout Le Monde - 361 St Paul O, Montréal, QC H2Y 2A7, Canada
Lunch a Porter - 355 St. Paul Street O, Montréal, QC H2Y 2A7, Canada
Latitude Nord - 4410 Boul. Saint-Laurent, Montréal, QC H2W 1Z5, Canada



  1. When we used to have a home in Lake Placid we took a weekend trip every summer to Montreal, we loved it!! A very friendly city and old montreal had such charm!

  2. This last chair is so beautiful!!! I can imagine it in other colours.... like red... awesome!!!


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