Monday, July 28, 2014

A Few Favorite Rooms of Late...

Lately a few beautifully mixed rooms have caught my eye.  What makes these spaces so interesting is the un-apologetic mix of varying textiles, colors, textures, patterns and historical styles.  There is always something new to see.

Bright lacquer painted finishes mix with natural stained wood and bamboo.  Mid century furniture mixes with Indian motif textiles, cowhide and soft pink walls.  Empire and Queen Anne side tables are mixed with bold Ikat and Indian motifs.  Natural woven rugs keep things from feeling too formal. 

To me these rooms embody comfortable chic that is sophisticated and equally welcoming.  Worldly and bohemian as well as timeless and classic....
Unexpected and delightful at first sight. 
Tory Burch

Peter Dunham via House Beautiful

Miles Redd via Architectural Digest

And here is a thought for the day:

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  1. In love with those rooms too!! Hope all is well cant wait to see what you have ben working on!!

  2. Thank you! Have been busy lately!! Loved your post on the family visit to Ireland.....I can relate to reluctantly dragging everyone into antique stores with me ;)

  3. What a Peter Dunham via House Beautiful. Those peacocks and the hydrangea lined lane are stunning. I think it's always best to follow your heart and not trends! Take care.

    1. Totally agree about following your heart Laura - and pushing your comfort zone a bit ;)

  4. Wow the rooms look AMAZING! Hope all is well cant wait to see what you have been working on!!
    Delores Ensley


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