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The Effortless Chic of Bar Palladio - Jaipur India

Most of you remember TOCCA the romantic fashion house launched in 1994 who introduced us to the ultra-feminine gardenia based fragrance "TOUCH" and went on to create a well known fashion and beauty brand. 
The women behind TOCCA are Dutch designer Marie Anne Oudejans and her business partner Emma Fletcher. 
Victor Alfaro Spring 2001 Ready-to-Wear Marie-Anne Oudejans and Carolina Herrera, Jr.
Anne Marie on the left pictured with Carolina Herrera Jr.
photo source unknown
It seems that while living in Jaipur, India, Anne Marie was asked to design Bar Palladio in the hotel Narain Niwas Palace Hotel.  With this project she certainly proves her unique style and feminine mystique translate easily into distinctive interiors.  
Inside and outside the bar, classic Indian motifs combine with dressmaker details in the most charming way.  It is sophisticated but comfy....exotic yet welcoming and exudes a certain jet-set panache.  Carved marble, lacquered wood cutouts, cut crystal glassware, glowing lanterns and beautiful upholstery all combine to create a mysterious ambience. 
Luxurious lounging never had it so good!   
Bar Palladio Jaipur India designed by Marie-Anne Oudejans | Remodelista
 Bar-Palladio-water-carafe-Jaipur-designed-by-Marie-Anne-Oudejans-Remodelista.jpg Above:  Bar-Palladio-Jaipur-designed-by-Marie-Anne-Oudejans—5-Remodelista.jpg
Bar Palladio Jaipur India designed by Marie-Anne Oudejans | Remodelista
Bar Palladio Jaipur India designed by Marie-Anne Oudejans | Remodelista
Bar Palladio Jaipur India designed by Marie-Anne Oudejans | Remodelista
Bar Palladio Jaipur India designed by Marie Anne Oudejans | Remodelista
Bar Palladio Jaipur India designed by Marie-Anne Oudejans | Remodelista
Bar Palladio Jaipur India designed by Marie Anne Oudejans | Remodelista
Bar Palladio Jaipur India designed by Marie-Anne Oudejans | Remodelista
Hopefully we will see more interiors from this talented designer....
You can learn more about Anne Marie's TOCCA line
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photos via Remodelista and Trust and Treasure Heritage

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Stylish NASCAR Wives - Chandra Johnson & Niki Taylor

There are two things that come to mind when I think of NASCAR....the deafening roar of engines driven at top speed and the shaking and spraying of giant champagne bottles but two ladies married to drivers Jimmie Johnson and Burney Lamar have brought other visions to mind.  Very stylish visions is!
Enter Chandra Johnson and Niki Taylor
Two NASCAR wives with style to spare. 
Chandra Johnson- a former model - is an American beauty who hails from Oklahoma.  Her taste is exquisite and she always looks fantastic despite the intense heat and stress of watching Jimmie race around the track at speeds over 200 mph. 
 photo via allleftturns.com

Chandra Johnson Party In The Poconos 400
Jimmie, Chandra and daughter Genevieve Marie
Here she is looking demure and sophisticated at the New York Stock Exchange...
(L-R) 2008 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Champion winner Jimmie Johnson, driver of the #48 Lowe's Chevrolet, and his wife Chandra walk around the New York Stock Exchange on December 3, 2008 in New York City.
photo via zimbio.com
jimmie and chandra johnson wedding picture
photo via thefastandthefabulous.com
photo via playerwives.com
photo via zimbio.com
photo via skirtsandscuffs.com

photo via motorsport.com

Chandra looks gorgeous dressed down as well as dressed up and her homes aren't too shabby either.  Here is the old Johnson NYC pied-e-terre which features their own art collection.  It is simple yet luxurious, was designed by Shawn Henderson and features mid-century furnishings.
The apartment has since been sold and the Johnsons have purchased a larger apartment on a higher floor to accommodate their growing family.  

Chandra founded the Jimmie Johnson Foundation with her husband in 2006 and was recently interviewed for PEACHY magazine where she shares her beauty tips among other details about her childhood and life as a wife and mom.  She also mentions her "addiction" to 1st dibs and her affinity for the arts in Charlotte.  Sounds like my kind of woman.  Here is the link....


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Next enter a classic beauty we all know and love, supermodel Niki Taylor who has graced countless covers and innumerable ads throughout her ongoing modeling career. 

Niki hosting the people's choice awards - photo via zimbio

I had the privilege of designing two homes for Niki. 
One in Florida and one in 2002 at the gorgeous Governor's club in Tennessee.  I can say that in person, without makeup, Niki is stunning and she has a beautiful personality to match.  Warm and gracious she is truly a lovely woman inside and out who is happiest at home hanging with her close family and friends.  She generously supports numerous charities but closest to her heart is the Red Cross who she credits with her recovery after her car accident and subsequent blood transfusions.  

photo via in style weddings

Many years after I worked with Niki she married NASCAR driver Burney Lamar and has since given birth to two children - a daughter Ciel and a son Rex all the while managing to make motherhood look glamorous!  However it is her honesty about being a mother as well as her own personal struggles that keeps her real to her fans and followers.  Recently her husband Burney, ever the speed junkie, has a new career as a pilot and has been flying jets commercially. 

Niki Taylor Gives Birth to Son Rex Harrison!
photo via US magazine

photo via zimbio

with her daughter Ciel - photo via celebrity baby scoop
Niki and Burney with Niki's older sons Jake and Hunter - photo via people magazine

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We wish the best to these inspiring, stylish ladies and their beautiful families.

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Monday, May 5, 2014

Mary McDonald Does It Again - Woven Rugs

Today interior designers are marketing geniuses often parlaying their first published book and blossoming notoriety into well deserved, lucrative licensing deals for various home design products such as fabrics, lighting and even bath fixtures. 
Mary McDonald is one such designer. 
Her lighting collection from Robert Abbey is one of my favorites along with her fabric and trim collection for F. Schumacher which I previously posted about. 
But her collection of woven rugs sold exclusively by Patterson Flynn and Martin is truly a showstopper.  Mary often paints bold geometric designs onto sisal rugs or wood floors as shown in the photos below.  This geometry juxtaposes with her favorite traditional motifs in the room and keeps it from looking too period -esque.   

Her abaca rug collection has the same effect but in luxurious fibers woven in the Philippines.  Frankly I LOVE these rugs.  It is hard to choose a favorite - they are graphic, bold and make a statement in any space.  Here are a few close up photos so you can see the detail of the weave. 
Empire Stripe

Arabasque Maze

Brighton Lane

Arabesque Maze

French Conga
I am positive a few of my new clients will be up for these hand made beauties in their home.  They are avail in custom sizes and colors which means the possibilities are endless - A runner down a non-descript hallway would be fabulous. 
I can't wait to see what Mary comes up with next!
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