Monday, February 3, 2014

Tribeca Project update...

As you all know I spent some time working on projects in NYC...
Here are a few things we accomplished at the ongoing Tribeca project while I was there.  

Many years ago I helped the owners reconfigure the dated existing layout of the apartment to a more open floor plan.  This was a major renovation as the apartment had not been changed for 20+ years!  We opened up the space and replaced the old doors with modern glass doors to allow light throughout.  We also removed the drywall on the ceiling which hid the original beams and were a nice historic detail we all agreed should be exposed.       

After the inital remodel

 I also included a much needed office space as the clients often work from home and we remodeled the kitchen as well.

The office is put to good use and dual pocket doors allow the room to 
open up to the main areas if needed. 

The remodeled kitchen is sleek and shiny

   Now, after 5+ years of wear and tear it was in need of a new coat of paint and other touch ups.  The painters were excellent as you can see from all the blue tape on the walls and trim below!  

(Always remember painting is 20% painting and 80% prep work)

Before painting...

The apartment also needed some color and shine so we added art, pillows and an Ikat rug all of which I found in the city.  They immediately brought the space to life.

The new rug the clients weren't sure they would like...but ended up loving!

Living room is almost...but not quite done

Note the old "chest" in the photo above.....the owners are finally trading it in for a new coffee table/ottoman!  
(There will also be bold new artwork added over the sofa)  

A shiny, silver linen bench now graces the once long empty hallway along with an inlaid mirror and two of the clients own African prints.  

The blue and white pillows in the hall reflect the color of 2 new indigo dipped prints for the living room pictured below.  They are now being framed across the street at Steven Amedee Custom Framing who I cannot recommend enough.  True artisans who handcraft and finish wood frames and even large scale display cases, they make magic  in their Tribeca shop.  Finding and working with artisans like this in the city is a real treat for me.  

The dining room also got this shiny new silver chandelier which instantly brought it up to date....

We also removed a wall of numerous family photos that annoyingly never hung quite straight.  They will now be placed on wood ledges to allow for a versatile gallery look they can arrange at will - similar to the picture below.

We will have professional photos taken as soon as the project is complete and I will share them with you of course.  I really would like to thank all of my clients who I'm so grateful to have and who collaborate with me to create these wonderful spaces.  

And thank YOU for following and as always let me know what YOU think of our progress....

Until Next Time,

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  1. Stunning rug and love the gallery ledges. Keep up the amazing work and sharing your great talent.


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