Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Mark Hampton and My New Favorite App

Recently I came across a fantastic new app I must share with you.
I have always been drawn to the relaxed style of watercolor painting and been incredibly envious of the talented decorator and artist Mark Hampton.  His watercolor interiors are so charming!  Unfortunately my dreams of studying watercolor techniques never materialized.    

Mr. Hampton was truly gifted not just as a decorator but also as a painter.  
Here are a few of his watercolors:

Beautiful orange and turquoise watercolor interior

Sweet little hall vignette

Chiswick House

Lacquered walls and animal prints!

Renzo Mongiardino, bedroom watercolor of rug, Mark Hampton
Amazing detail in this watercolor of the fabrics in Lee Radziwill's bedroom

A lovely monochromatic living room

A dramatic emerald, ebony and gold dining room - noticed the mirrored walls and their reflections.

If you don't already have his books, you should add them to your design library.  I purchased mine while studying interior design in New York.  They are a treasured part of my book collection and I often refer to them.  

Enter 2014 technology.  
Now the Waterlogue app will take any photo and turn them into beautiful "painted" watercolors via ipad or iphone.  
OMG.  I'm seriously addicted.  

Stacks Image 401

Stacks Image 397

Here is an example:
A plain old photo of a pink chair is below....

And here it is "waterlogued"

And here is a lamp...

It works nicely on interiors too.  
Try it out and let me know what you think....

My Waterlogue watercolors may not be as gorgeous as Mark Hampton's but they are definitely better than what I would paint with real watercolors and brushes!

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  1. I have been having so much fun with the Waterlogue! Love the late Mark Hampton and his daughter's is fabulous as well.I alos love Jeremiah Goodman's interior Watercolors.

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  3. You are right! It is fun.....I will check out Jeremiah Goodman as well....Thank you!


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