Thursday, February 20, 2014

Harper's Bazaar

Love it or hate it fashion drives many trends in the interior industry.
I read many fashion mags to keep up but my favorite by far is Harpers Bazaar redesigned in 2012 with GP on the cover. 

Full of eye-popping color the extra large pages leap out at me and the photography is PHENOMENAL.  Period.  

Glenda Bailey (pictured below) and her team have done a great job in this era of budget cutbacks to keep the magazine luxuriously full of editorial and not overrun with ads.
(photo via

It is what a fashion magazine should be:
provocative - a glamorous fantasy

This layout of Kate Winslet was stunningly gorgeous 
and made me want to try a cat eye stat!

And March 2014 was no disappointment either.  
The colorful pattern mashups in "Prints of the Season" is fabulously inspiring for me as a designer.  Take a look below...

This photo in particular took my breath away

The shot below was in LA....obviously ;) 
with creatures by Japanese artist Murakami

Here is Karlie Kloss in a Hermes scarf layout from Bazaar Spain 
(I also read the European issues if I can)

I'm crazy about the grouped accessory layouts.  Crazy good that is. 

Love this page of gorgeous modern day cameos...

To me Harper's Bazaar encapsulates what I look 
for in a great magazine....


Until Next Time,

(all photos via BAZAAR except where noted)

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