Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Michelle Nussbaumer / Ceylon et Cie in Dallas

One of my favorite designers would have to be
Michelle Nussbaumer.  You could even call her the queen of ikat as she embodies the boho-jetset-mixed media style I adore!  

Here she is rocking a Missoni Caftan in Portofino Italy

Here she is with Mary McDonald (her "soul sister") travelling in India

Her work at the Greystone Mansion

A emerald green and coral tablescape by Michelle

Every year I make my way to her store Ceylon Et Cie on Dragon Street in Dallas to gawk at all the insanely gorgeous items from around the world.  If you are looking for the exquisite, extraordinary, charming, alarming or just about any other adjective, you will find it here. 

I came across these pictures on her facebook page and thought I would share it with you.  It is a peek inside her office.  


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Got a mess? Call Neat Method!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting the two gorgeous ladies 
Catherine and Raelynn of Neat Method DC.

Professional organizers, they are ready and willing to clean up that messy closet, kids room, garage, storage room, basement, office or kitchen pantry you are dreading and they do it looking stylish with a smile on their face!  
Gotta love that.  

For these girls the Container Store is nirvana and your hoarding habits are thrilling.  They look forward to dealing with clutter in all of its excess and won't divulge your shopaholic tendencies.  Shhh....

If you are moving in or out and overwhelmed, call these girls.  Then fix yourself a cocktail, sit back and relax while they do all your dirty work.  

Here are a few photos of their handiwork....

craft closet craft closet

unorganized jewelry  organize jewelry

unorganized shoes  shoe closet

Visit the Neat Method DC website to learn more 

You can thank me later!
Until next time,

Pine Garlands and Our Holiday Traditions

It's December and time to decorate for the holidays!
Here are a few traditions from our family....

Real pine garlands are an easy, festive way to bring the holidays home.  I use them everywhere! They are inexpensive and smell fantastic.  You can make them yourself or buy them already intertwined.  I opt for the ready made kind to save time.  

In our foyer a Venetian mirror is draped with a simple pine garland and a colorful stocking is hung from the top.  

The ornaments are very sentimental - my children and I go to Dallas,TX every Christmas to the original Neiman Marcus store to see Santa and they are allowed to choose one ornament.  So far we have six and they are all attached to the garland in the picture.  It has become a tradition!  

A clay Christmas wreath made by my daughter is also on the table top.   

Another photo shows a dining room vignette where I added festive bows, topiarys and a paper reindeer my daughter Gabrielle handmade many years ago.   I love keeping the children's Christmas artwork and unpacking it every year to decorate and they love to say "Oh, I remember making that!" 

In the breakfast room a pine garland is draped across the top of a bookcase.  Another tradition we have is making paper snowflakes.  

Using simple copier paper the kids cut out the designs and I tape them to the bookcase.  It has become a tradition and the children are always excited to participate!  

What are some of your holiday traditions?  

Until next time,

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