Thursday, November 7, 2013

Q & A With Savvy Home!

Today I spent a few moments answering a questionnaire 
over on the SAVVY HOME BLOG.  
Thought you might want to see the answers.  
Happy hump day!

Which TV show are you currently addicted to?
Million Dollar Listing NYC - can't believe the drama with these dudes!!

All you want for Christmas is...
DJ lessons....plz?!

Beach or Mountains?
 Hmmm this is a toughie....can i say both??

Every home needs this:
 Laughter would get my vote...

One place in the world you would move to?
 Maremma region of Tuscany - GORGEOUS and wild with beaches & countryside!!

Your celebrity crush is:
Diane Von Furstenburg - love how she follows her heart

Your last meal would be....
Really good shrimp and grits 'cause after all I AM a southern girl ;)


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