Thursday, November 14, 2013

KW on a budget...

Love Kelly Wearstler?  

I's hard not to....with her southern sweetness and 
off -the-hook chic way of dressing and decorating...not to mention the fact that she is gorgeous and has a trophy husband who owns the coolest hotels in the coolest places...uh yeah.  We are just a little jealous.

Well, here's a way to get her fabulous wall-arty look pictured below for not much dough.

Her wallpaper collection will have you looking Kelly-fied in no time and we all know wallpaper is the easiest way to get a big bang for your small sized budget.   

Groundworks CHANNELS PAPER LAKE/BEIGE GWP-3302.316 - Lee Jofa New - New York, NY, GWP-3302.316,Lee Jofa,Blue,Up The Bolt,Kelly Wearstler,Contemporary,USA,Yes,Groundworks,Kelly Wearstler Wallpaper Collection,CHANNELS PAPER LAKE/BEIGE

Here it is installed....

Of course to save even more money you could give your toddler a paintbrush but we can't promise you'll like the outcome ;)


PS: it also comes in tableware....

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