Tuesday, November 5, 2013



Remember those jeans with the gold embellishment on the pockets we were all begging for in the 70's?  Watch the ad HERE
(omg I STILL have that commercial in my head)
Now you can get the goldigger-ish glam at home instead.

Right now I'm loving gold home accents like the studded table 
(which comes in a console table and etegere version as well) and luxurious quartz mirror.  

The puzzle table is so versatile and with the recent popularity of all things tortoise, the lamp from Worlds Away is sure to be a hit.  

Organic elements from nature lend warmth to a space like the quartz lamp, driftwood sconce, feather pillow and mirror.  The Suzani pillow and sunburst light are classics I never tire of.  

If you aren't quite sure where to begin, shapely white and gold pendant fixtures are the perfect way to give your space immediate style.  

To purchase any of these items let me know and I'll make your goldigger jean dreams come true - Well, almost!



  1. Hello I was wondering where did you get that pillow with the feathers also the lamp that's shaped like a turtle thank you!

    1. We would be happy to order them for you if you are interested!


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