Thursday, September 5, 2013

Alessandra Branca

 Alessandra Branca:  

To say her books have inspired me is an understatement.  I find her mix of classicism and whimsy divine as she deftly mixes various periods and styles with abandon.

  The Branca interiors I admire most are characterized by tented ceilings, upholstered walls, shrouded chandeliers and the color "ROSSO" 

 interiors thumb Changing Room

interiors thumb Pool House
Red, white, blue and classic!

interiors thumb cTown 01
Black lacquered walls....need I say more?

The chicest playroom on the block!

Notice the undulating sofa skirt....she never misses a chance to add an interesting detail...

interiors thumb Deck
A beautiful Georgetown patio...

So small but so chic!

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