Friday, February 22, 2013

Pied a' terre Perfection....

There is something about Paris.....
The architecture, wine, fashion, gardens, museums and lively cafe society have seduced travelers for centuries and continue to do so.


Many imagine owning a small apartment or pied a' terre to escape the monotonous everyday grind and live it up in true Parisian style but finding the perfect apartment in the right location for the right price is elusive.  Often older apartments have been neglected and poorly remodeled and are in need of extensive renovations.      

Enter  A+B KASHA
Founded in 2002 this husband wife duo from New York works wonders on the ancient and forgotten interiors of old Paris.  They specialize in resuscitating what seems too far gone and making it incredibly modernized and livable while earning accolades from clients and publications alike.   

Their must see 
is truly remarkable as is their ability to rally the Parisian artisans and permit offices to complete projects on time and on budget.  Plumbing is modernized, electrical wiring is no longer a fire hazard and best of all you can stay out of the picture and rest assured knowing the project is being managed efficiently while you are jet setting to St. Barths or driving the kids to soccer.

A+B KASHA also offer apartments that are move in ready for those who need immediate satisfaction. Voila!  
Your joie de vivre is restored....your dreams of becoming a true Parisian have come true! What an incredible feeling it must be to bring life into these old forgotten beauties.  
I'm quite jealous I must say. 

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