Sunday, March 4, 2012

Heading To the West!

Tomorrow is a big day for me...

I'm heading to LA to continue working on the launch of a new venture so it is very exciting!  Although I love designing homes, there are a few other tricks I have up my sleeve. 

I find most creative people are like that and so it is with me....I will be working with several wonderful women including my old business partner and my new one so I will have lots to share with you.  

Sorry to be cryptic but hopefully after a few more weeks it will come to fruition after much hard work.  Bear with me as my posts may be a bit on the lighter side.  

Also I have hired Fabulous K to rework my blog so I'm hoping she comes up with something....uhhh...fabulous?! 

pinboard from

Here is a link to her portfolio....make sure you sign up for her blog as it is full of eye candy as are the sites she creates!

I'll leave you with some wonderful chill out samba 
I discovered from the movie 

 about the legendary Brazilian Formula 1 driver....
Amazing documentary by the way.  
Check it out if you have the chance....

Thanks for following....and wish me luck!



  1. You don't need luck with all of your talent!

  2. Your very kind :). Thank you for the compliment!


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