Monday, February 6, 2012

Villa Volpi

As many of my readers know, 
I have a particular fondness for Italy so when I discovered 
this property my heart beat a little faster...

Arial view of Villa Volpi

Perched atop the sand dunes of the Tyrrhenian Sea, 
the magnificent Villa Volpi was commissioned in 1958 by the Countess Nathalie Volpi Misurata and features 1300 feet of coastline only 60 miles south of heart of Rome! 


The property lies between the sea and a freshwater lake similar to Mar-a Lago in Palm Beach and is 26 acres in size.  

Designed by Milanese architect Tomaso Buzzi, the style of the villa is Classical with nods to Palladio and the Greek style of architecture that inspired him.
Villa Volpi from the Sea

Entrance to the Villa Volpi

Villa Volpe was featured in Casa Vogue April 2008....
the views are mind numbing-ly stunning.

I found it interesting to see Buzzi's as well as other sketches included in an article from Italian Casa Vogue.  They show the design process and how the villa was conceptualized by him. If only I could speak Italian, then I could have learned a few more details about the villa in the article. 

I'm not sure why but the furniture company Henge is mentioned for some reason.  The campaign style furniture sketches resemble those in the picture above.

Notice the bookcase tucked under the stairs....for many reasons these interiors remind me of Alessandra Branca's work who I adore....

Alessandra Branca

While the style of the villa is formal I found it refreshing to see that the interiors weren't overdone in a heavy handed grandiose fashion.  They remain classical but comfortable with little stools to easily move around and cozy book nooks for reading.  Perfect for a beach house! 

Chaises for lounging in the sun....

This is my favorite shot of the villa....breezy elegance personified. 

A few sketches of furniture and furniture details....
those Nautilus would make a great lamp finial don't you think?!

Villa Volpi was also featured in Elle Decoration

Here is a Tod's ad filmed at Villa Volpi...

To further add to my heart palpitations, 
Villa Volpi is offered for sale for the Russian tycoon's bargain price of $23 million (marked down from 33!) Expensive but for a property this unique not TOO outrageous....

I could absolutely see this villa made into a luxury hotel and spa by say....Tom Ford!  Of course we would have to collaborate a bit on the interiors.... 
(double sigh....)

A designer can dream can't she?




  1. So when are we going? I'm SOLD on this lovely villa!

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