Friday, February 3, 2012

Notes on Arranging...

Many clients ask me how to arrange objects 
to make  sophisticated, interesting table-scapes.  
Here are a few tips you can apply to a console, foyer, side or coffee table and even display cabinets or bookshelves.  

Here are my top tips in no specific order:

Vary the Height of Objects and Be Dramatic!

Mix Your Own Personal Items With "Store Bought" Items!

Use Baskets, Large Pots or Stools to Add Bulk 
& Cover Un-sightlys! (like electrical outlets)

Use Books as Blocks to Add Height &/or Color!
Mix Textures and Materials With Abandon!

Here are a few visuals to help you along 
your tablescape journey.....

This beautiful composition of candlesticks, coral, sea fan and a bust shows how creative you can be with a display.  The varied heights move the eye through the objects.

Photo from Southern Accents

This sleek kitchen shelf is softened by the objects it displays.  The potted ferns lend an organic touch while the apothecary jars add a punch of dark against the light walls.  Beautiful examples of light and dark playing together nicely!  

Photo from British House and Garden

Repetition using the red book and coral highlights the red in the wallpaper.  
Note the bowl of fresh lemons with the stems still attached!

Photo from Decor Dose

Lots of different textures and heights displayed here....
Quartz, porcelain, wood, glass and seashells combine with a dramatic antique gold leafed Indian marble piece.  The pale celadon ginger jars add color and hide an electrical outlet.  

The same console lit by candle light

Photo from Decor Dose

Another example of building up an objects height with books.  
This interesting stack of of books gives a little gold cup a pedestal to perch on.  

Photo from the Wisteria Outlet in Dallas

In the photos above metal, wood, marble and porcelain are mixed
together to create an interesting tablescape....
You can do the same with objects you already have around the house 
and probably forgot about and it doesn't matter if they are chipped or worn a bit.  

Photo from Southern Accents

This bedside table is a menagerie of curious objects and books.  
A trunk is actually pushed under the console table to allow for more depth and display area.  I love this idea of layers upon layers upon layers.  The tall tree branch hanging over the entire area adds a much needed organic element.  This is another example of finding something in your yard or garden and making good use of it!

Photo from Southern Accents

This is another great example of layering....using the terracotta with fairly common houseplants (rosemary and aloe) and mixing it with stately pineapples and a statue creates a relaxed arrangement.  The weathered mirror behind adds subdued sparkle to an otherwise earthy scheme and the large radius sculpture a touch of modern.  

Photo from AD Spain
Classicism mixes Modernism in this display of statue heads.

Photo from Southern Accents
Two lamps and a group of pictures create symmetry on the console while benches tucked under the table allow for pull up seating.

From Southern Accents
A gorgeously flamboyant arrangement paired with ginger jars gives a lovely traditional welcome in this foyer.  

There are so many different ways to add drama to your 
table- scapes....just remember not to take it too seriously and the unexpected is always welcome!

Until next time....


  1. I am so inspired...beautiful advice

  2. Thank you for stopping by M! I'm glad you enjoyed the post :)


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