Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hotel Heaven

So much to love about this romantic laid back Italian locale.  
It could quite possibly be heaven on earth...
especially if you are lucky enough to stay here:

Formerly the home of Franco Zeffirelli the villa has hosted Maria Callas, Leonard Bernstein, Elton John and Elizabeth Taylor and Sophia Loren among others....many of the villas are named after their famous guests. 

Franco Zeffirelli

Romeo and Juliet

The new owners made sure to keep it as Zeffirelli intended and it is full of great design ideas you could utilize in your own home....  

Not a bad view in sight!

Gorgeous garden pathway...

The view from a terrace at twilight....

Liberal use of tile in the kitchen....

Chevron tiled floor in the Bernstein Suite

This shower in the Bernstein Suite was formerly an oven!  Note gorgeous plaster details....

Beautiful in its simplicity the Tosca Suite features a gilded sunburst over the bed.....

Breathtaking chic-ness in white!

Another view....

Franco's own suite features Syrian inlaid furniture....

Another gorgeous patio....

Note how the mirror sits in front of the arched window....and the view from the shower!!

Love the fretwork detail on the walls....

This hotel is exquisite and you can expect to pay exquisite prices to stay there.  However the photos on the hotel's website are stunning if you lack the funds to reserve a room. 

Here is a link if you are curious:

A stay at this hotel is definitely on my bucket list....


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

La La Land....

Sorry for being MIA lately....
I have been in LA and will catch up later this week...
See you all then!

Taken in front of the Gucci store in Florence Italy


Monday, January 9, 2012

Grand Dames....

Every day I read about 80+/- blogs to keep up with what is going on in the world and today I was thrilled to hear of a movie premiering this summer from the blog
In the film Ari Cohen celebrates aging women and their enduring style and zest for living.  It features such legends as the oldest living Ziegfeld Follies Star Doris Eaton 
(still dancing at 101!!)
photo by MJ Alexander

Iris Apfel who is one of my favorites.....
with her iconic glasses of course

And many others....
Somehow reading through the advice of these women made my turning 40 last month seem insignificant.  Here is a preview of the film....I think you will enjoy it!
Ari has a book coming out in 2012 as well and of course there are many stories and lots of other great photos and advice on his blog as well. 

I love that he celebrates these women and shares their point of view as well as their advice to younger women.  My favorite clip is this one in a cab with 91 year old ELONA.....

Here's to all of you wonderful, colorful, creative, imperfect and wise women and of course to Ari for sharing them with the world.  


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Roget Prigent and John Rosselli

One of my favorite showrooms is John Rosselli and Associates.  

Many years ago I met Mr. Rosselli and his now wife Bunny Williams at a cocktail party in New York given by Roget Prigent of Malmaison Antiques.  It was quite a memorable night as I found myself in the presence of Thierry Despont, Jacques Grange, Stephen Sills and James Huniford among others...Mr. Prigent's Malmaison was renowned in society and the design world for museum quality antiques.  

Roget's Malmaison NYC townhouse via Architectural Digest

Roget via Elle Decor

Whether I'm shopping in Florida, New York or Washington DC a stop at Rosselli and associates is always warranted and usually yields something fabulous that works with the vision I have in mind.  For example:

I ADORE these Luxcis lanterns.  
They add a touch of the Orient to any space and can be leafed in 
silver or gold for an upcharge which I have done in the past.  

Stunning right?!

Rosselli also has one of the best selections of hand printed fabrics including:
Raoul Fabrics * John Robshaw * Kathryn Ireland * Peter Dunham * Cloth
and so many more...

Yummy No?!

Here are gorgeous flouncy trims from Kenneth Meyer...

and metallic grasscloth wallpaper from Crezana Design in Southampton

When I'm working in Florida I use the Rosselli showroom at the DCOTA...

It's hard to leave empty handed as you can see below!


Tuesday, January 3, 2012


one definition from Webster's dictionary I like best:
"the action or power of moving the intellect or emotions"

Inspiration takes many forms or variations......
a photo that lifts or dampens your spirit
a film that opens your mind
a person or act that touches your heart
a book or idea that causes you to question
a story or shared experience that motivates change
a culture or destination that introduces something new

Inspiration is defined differently by each individual but it IS the thing that motivates us to push ourselves to be better human beings, to move out of our comfort zones and perhaps question the status quo in any capacity.

That is what I find creates great ideas and design - pushing the envelope - trying something new.

Here is a shot of my inspiration board 
which evolves on a daily basis....

I love to see what inspires others and here are a few inspiration boards that are as varied as the individuals that created them.....








May 2012 begin with your own



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