Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Custom Crystal Chandelier Creation

Here it is!
I know everyone may not love crystal chandeliers but my client was on the hunt for a big sparkling beauty for her dining room and I'm happy to report she has found it.  

This is the chandelier Frank from Rewards Lighting made....
Isn't it FABULOUS?!  
It cost a fraction of the Baccarat and Schonbek chandeliers and we could specify all the design details we wanted.  

We had him add the blue crystals to tie into the blue velvet sofa and other upholstery in the room....

I will post pictures of the finished room later but I cannot even tell you how delighted I am with Frank.  

Again, he made this for us in TWO WEEKS!  
And it is EXACTLY what we envisioned. 

So if you are in the market for a custom chandelier call Frank before you shop around and have to wait for 10-12 weeks for something way overpriced and not exactly what you want.  
He is AWESOME!!!

Here is his info again in case you missed 
it in the earlier post...

Frank Laero Jr. 
Reward Lighting
1901 South Dixie Hwy
West Palm Beach, FL 33401



Sunday, December 18, 2011

Favorite Christmas Flicks

My kids and I love the movies shown around 
this time of year especially the ones below!

Click on the title before the movie poster for a preview of each...

First is a group of the funniest scenes from 

next...one of the memorable scenes from

And finally a black and white classic that I could 
watch over and over...the costumes, the set design and of course the dancing!  Times sure have changed! 
(in some ways for the better of course)
Happy Holidays!  


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Another Florida Gem....

West Palm Beach / Dixie Highway 
is a place I could get lost in for days.
There are so many gems to be found!  

Like Reward Lighting...
Some of you Delray residents might remember a little place behind Chico's called English & Frank.  Full of quirky fun things and lots of light fixtures, English and Frank became my go-to source to refurbish or rewire a light fixture.  What a great find!  
Then they closed one day....not so great. 

So imagine my delight at finding Frank (of the old Delray English & Frank!) at Reward Lighting in West Palm Beach! 

Here is Frank next to his favorite Murano glass chandelier...

It seems Frank found his way to Rewards after English and Frank closed shop because of skyrocketing rent (not an unusual scenario) but now he is happily reusing lighting from the trash bin and remaking parts and pieces into wonderful things.  Frank is a extremely creative and can do just about anything you can imagine when it comes to chandeliers or lamps....you know like turning pots into lamps or basically any of the weird ideas our decorator brains think up.  

Here are a few photos of the Rewards shop and some of the goodies contained within...

Spanish, Italian and Moorish styles abound!

These turquoise and quartz beauties were beyond fabulous in 
person and came from the Breakers Hotel

A salvage yard of great finds....  
Who knows...there could be an Addison Mizner original in that pile just waiting to be found!

Great selection of bell jar lanterns....

Funky Ken-Head lamp finial?!  
Frank loves to make up quirky, kitschy things because.....he can!

We decided to have Frank create a crystal chandelier with vintage Breakers Hotel crystal and added a few sapphire blue crystals to change it up a bit.  
We can't wait to see what he comes up with!  
(I will post pics once the chandelier is installed)  
Plus he made it in two weeks time - no waiting for 10-12 weeks!!

So drop by and visit Frank anytime at Rewards.  
Who knows what you will find or be inspired to create!

Rewards Lighting
1901 South Dixie Highway
West Palm Beach, FL

I noticed this sign as I walked out the back door...


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Weeks! The Not so Winter Wonderland...

Recently I spent some time working on a project in Delray Beach so 
I thought I would share favorite local sources in my next few posts....

The first is WEEKS!
Driving south on US 1 you may have passed this sign after the Rub a Dub car wash many times and not even noticed it...

If you haven't you will thank me for what I'm about to share!
Weeks is a veritable decorators paradise chock full of tasteful floral decor and accessories 
(which is hard to find in South Florida I might add!)

As you enter the parking area you immediately notice a 
flowering bonanza of bromeliads in every species mixed with 
perennial and annual flowers, trees and shrubs.  

Gorgeous flowering bromeliads!!!  
(These are SO easy to take care of)

Huge array of baskets and pots as well as garden seats in many colors....

Great selection of sea corals and shells of every variety.....

Christmas in Florida!  
Trust me....Weeks has everything you need to deck your halls!

Exotic ladyslipper orchids.... 

Fresh hydrangeas never go out of style....

REAL Peonies (yes I smelled them!), dried boxwood topiaries 
and OMG is that a white lacquer PAGODA?!

Tasteful pink flamingo pillow and print....no plastic flamingos here!

Unique plates and glassware to make your next meal memorable...

The Weeks crew are always super helpful and can make anything from 
flamboyant orchid arrangements to unique floral masterpieces.   
They deliver and if you don't know exactly what you want, don't fret as I can totally vouch for their great taste and style.  You can even bring your own pot or container and they will fill it with something stunning.  

Here is the 411:

760 SW 5th Ave (US1)
Delray Beach, FL 33483

and here is a picture of a niche I accessorized a-la Weeks!

So next time you see the Weeks sign take a moment to stop and smell the roses...
I promise you won't be disappointed.


Monday, December 5, 2011

To Curtain or Not to Curtain?

Window treatments can be one of the largest expenses in furnishing an interior.  A few clients will even ask if they really need them....and while I understand their wish to skip or eliminate the cost I definitely do not recommend doing so.  
Here is why.....

Before Window Treatments

After Window Treatments

See what I mean?  They make the room!
I just finished installing these simple panels in Florida and the difference is more than obvious.  Curtains make a room warmer and more interesting.  They insulate against excessive noise and give a finished look to a space.  

So what do you think?  To curtain or not to curtain??


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sunshine State of Mind

Things have been super busy the past few days but I am enjoying the change of scenery and working with familiar vendors I have missed.

 Lots of details on people and places to come but today just a photo I snapped of Delray's giant Christmas tree surrounded by palm trees at twilight.  Today is my last day here and curtains are being installed so I have lots of work to do!!!

Here is a little jazz tune I just recently discovered to put you in a sunshine state of mind called from Dwight Trible...enjoy! 
Click this link:
And I won't even mention how great the weather has been ;)

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