Monday, November 28, 2011

Santa Baby...

This week I will travel to Florida to tweak and 
install what has arrived at the job in Delray Beach so expect lots of pics and tips.  Before I go I thought I would share a few of my favorite things Santa might choose bring me cause I have been VERY good of course!

Emerson Made is a relatively new brand I simply adore.  
The quality of the clothing is amazing and the styles are elegant and classic but at the same time edgy when mixed the right way. 

All the clothing is made in the garment district in NYC and Emerson's little dog Pedro is beyond cuteness - got to love him!
PS - she lives on a farm and grew these apples too!!!!

These long stretch blue bell jeans are definitely on my list this year!

Shop Emerson Made HERE!

The next item is pricey and designed by Chris Burch's 
(ex- husband of Tory Burch) new girlfriend Monika Chiang.  
Of course she is gorgeous, talented and exotic... 

The Raja hobo bag....

I think this handbag is so money and as you know I am a sucker for blue in any capacity.  The details are what make this bag work from the crocodile embossed gold handle to the chevron woven leather pattern.  It would be my go-to bag for years to come and if you divide all of those days of use by the cost it really isn't too expensive?!  It also comes in a clutch which is equally as fabulous and a bit less $$. 
You can shop all things Monika Chiang HERE!

Here is another item I'm coveting...
A flip top table with oodles of detail....

This piece has plenty of personality and I love the 
turned legs and carved details.  

And finally I just can't get enough Oimoi...
from colorful customized trays to stationary and shoes Oimoi offers  some of the best personalized gifts around for every budget!
Lots of colors and motifs to choose from....

These hit the spot for stocking stuffers!!

Love the lucite!

No monkey business going on here...

To shop OIMOI click

Soon I will hit Big D (Dallas, Texas) with the family for the Christmas holiday which must include a long wait in line at the original downtown Neiman Marcus for a visit with Santa.

Dallas is one of my favorite places to shop for the home 
and I will have lots of juicy tid-bits for you on that front. 

Have a great week!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


With Thanksgiving only a day away, my house is filled with family the way I like it best.  We have a roaring fire in the fireplace, wonderful smells coming from the kitchen and laughter from 3 generations echoing up the stairs.  

This holiday I need to remind myself that perfection 
can wait and no one will remember the state of my pie crust, if the turkey was too dry or the biscuits were burned.

They will however remember building a fire with grandfather, the crazy things my 93 year old grandmother said, how we all played games with each other and laughed till our cheeks hurt watching a Christmas Story for the 100th time....

I am thankful for this happy conundrum and the 
only thing I miss are those that can't be with us.

"When you realize there is nothing lacking, 
the whole world belongs to you"
-Lao Tzu


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Just Chill.....

Ok so the holidaze 
(yes I mis-spelled that on purpose!)
are almost upon us again.  

Although I am looking forward to seeing family and friends it seems insane to hear that stores are asking employees to work even more hours on the eve of black Friday??  Seriously??
rush rush rush....hurry hurry hurry
I would like to propose a little break before things get too stressful.
Here is a little chill out music to put you in a positive state of mind...

Take a moment to listen, relax and imagine you are here...

and here...

photos via coastal living

Breathe in, breathe out

In Love With OKA!

Have you heard of Oka?  
Perusing through one of my European mags I 
found a nugget I am going to share with you today!
  Oka is based in the UK and has the most wonderful things and really isn't expensive at all for the quality and uniqueness of their merchandise.  Take this offer for example....

Oka offers this set of everything you need to set a table for 6 for only 280 pounds!  That includes glassware, flatware, tableware, linen placemats,  a gravy set AND 6 cute little lavender pots.
Perfect for the upcoming holidays!

Here is an unusual painted lamp...

 a few amazing rugs.....

Persian motif plates and serverware...

Suzani pillows....

and how clever is this beautifully made King mattress 
with built- in storage?!
So check out OKA yourself 

You can thank me later....

Monday, November 14, 2011

Blue Mood....

With the holidays around the corner, 
table settings have been on my mind.  Blue table scapes in particular since I pull out my Wedgewood Palatia china (classic white with blue and gold Greek key trim) for dinners with family and friends around this time every year. 

Wedgewood Palatia China

Blue is so versatile and probably my absolute favorite color to use in any capacity mixed with just about any other color.  
So here are a few table settings that feature blue along with rooms in the same color scheme....some you may have thought of and others hopefully you haven't!  

Blue and Red via O Magazine

Ruthie Sommers

Blue and white linens via Roberta Roller Rabbit...

Blue and white room...classic and crisp always and forever...  

Blue and Red  via Alessandra Branca - Love how the plates are mismatched....
She has an affinity for black mixed with blue and red!

Love that shrouded chandelier...

Blue and Green and Antlers?!  From Carolyn Rohme -  the queen of blue and everything!!

Faded mix of blues and greens from Provence...The Europeans do this so well....

Modern mix of blue and green...

Moroccan tiles in blues and greens...

Blue and bright yellow with sunflowers....

HB Home  - Hamptons Showhouse 2010

            More Blue and White

Blue and Red - Love this mix of exotic prints and patterns!

Ruthie Sommers eclectic mix with blues and reds...I DIE for that pagoda door frame!!

Here are a couple of blue interior schemes using blue with pink and blue with orange from major design maven Mary McDonald.  
These color schemes are beyond gorgeous.... 

Honestly this post could go on forever... but I'll stop now!


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Simply White

Just simple, white rooms today...

The first is a beautifully detailed kitchen from Phoebe Howard.  Notice the shape of the marble slab behind the stove....unusual and unexpected!  Plus the island looks like furniture and having a shelf below gives storage as well as display space.  I love the mixed cabinet door styles and the large arched window allows plenty of sun to shine in.  

I can't remember where I found the image below but I love the casual earthy elegance and I'm a sucker for a nicely arranged bookcase.  Rustic and charming!

Hang in there....the weekend is almost here!


Monday, November 7, 2011

Delray Kitchen Progress...

I don't know about you but I'm LOVING the extra hour 
of sleep I gained last night....and to make today even better I found $20 in my coat pocket this morning when I dropped my son off at preschool so I'm feeling pretty lucky!!

I rarely have time for TV but last night I caught an indie 
film called Janie Jones and was really surprised at the musical talent of the two lead actors.  Elizabeth Shue plays a junkie mother who leaves her 13 year old daughter with her immature lead singing dead beat father for the first time to go "get clean" in rehab.  
What happens next is a sweet and realistic story of how the two get to know one another and find out they have music in common.  
Great story.

The soundtrack is also great....what a voice Abigail Breslin has!
Here is a link to a few sound bytes on Amazon...

One of my favorite songs isn't on the soundtrack.  It is written by  Eef Barzelay and sung by Clem Snide and is called "The Meat Of Life".  It plays at the end when the credits roll...
Here is a link

OK Enough about movies and music....
On to Design stuff!
Here are a couple of pics my Delray Beach client 
sent me of her evolving kitchen....

The backsplash is a handmade Moroccan relief tile from Casa Ceramica in West Palm Beach, FL - here is a close up...

and the hanging pendants were ordered from 
Periwinkle in Delray Beach, FL from Currey and Company.  
Still lots of details to add but it is finally coming together....

Hope you have a great week and get lucky too!


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