Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Weeks! The Not so Winter Wonderland...

Recently I spent some time working on a project in Delray Beach so 
I thought I would share favorite local sources in my next few posts....

The first is WEEKS!
Driving south on US 1 you may have passed this sign after the Rub a Dub car wash many times and not even noticed it...

If you haven't you will thank me for what I'm about to share!
Weeks is a veritable decorators paradise chock full of tasteful floral decor and accessories 
(which is hard to find in South Florida I might add!)

As you enter the parking area you immediately notice a 
flowering bonanza of bromeliads in every species mixed with 
perennial and annual flowers, trees and shrubs.  

Gorgeous flowering bromeliads!!!  
(These are SO easy to take care of)

Huge array of baskets and pots as well as garden seats in many colors....

Great selection of sea corals and shells of every variety.....

Christmas in Florida!  
Trust me....Weeks has everything you need to deck your halls!

Exotic ladyslipper orchids.... 

Fresh hydrangeas never go out of style....

REAL Peonies (yes I smelled them!), dried boxwood topiaries 
and OMG is that a white lacquer PAGODA?!

Tasteful pink flamingo pillow and print....no plastic flamingos here!

Unique plates and glassware to make your next meal memorable...

The Weeks crew are always super helpful and can make anything from 
flamboyant orchid arrangements to unique floral masterpieces.   
They deliver and if you don't know exactly what you want, don't fret as I can totally vouch for their great taste and style.  You can even bring your own pot or container and they will fill it with something stunning.  

Here is the 411:

760 SW 5th Ave (US1)
Delray Beach, FL 33483

and here is a picture of a niche I accessorized a-la Weeks!

So next time you see the Weeks sign take a moment to stop and smell the roses...
I promise you won't be disappointed.


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