Saturday, July 23, 2011

Miss Me?

Awww....I missed you too!
Have been on va-ca and working on new projects in sunny South Florida...which I will share with you later - right now they are in the construction phase so they aren't so pretty.....YET!

I did pick up these yummy Moroccan vintage stools for one Florida client at Circa Who in West Palm Beach....
Pair of Vintage Moroccan Upholstered Benches
Going the recover these babies and they will be GORG!

 Wanted to buy lots more stuff like this....
Hollywood Regency Fretwork Wing Chair

and these....
Pair of Hollywood Regency Fretwork End Tables

Check out their website here

Driving down from Connecticut was a blast and the kids are in tennis and surf camp so I have been working non-stop. 
(Hence the lack of posts lately)
Interestingly enough it is cooler here in Florida than most of the Northeast and Midwest for once!!

Anyhoo I discovered an artist that I must share.  I think she is really is a peek at some of her work.

Her name is Paige Gemmel and I'm totally in love...
Her use of color is divine and she includes lots of subject matter I adore like Chinoiserie, women in caftans, peacocks and blue and white porcelain. 

Lovely no?

You can see more at her blog/site below:

(ta ta for now)


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