Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tom's New Bag...

The idea of getting and giving really appeals to me so
I'm a HUGE fan of Toms shoes. 
He makes it super easy to help someone in need!

The premise is simple:
When you buy a pair of Tom's shoes, he gives one to
a child that has no shoes. 

The original style comes in tons of colors and patterns...

Plus the wedges are comfy and look amazing!

Now I know you are saying this is old news but did you know Tom's now has sunglasses?!

And when you buy a pair, he will give a person in need a new pair of glasses, eye surgery, or medical attention they require starting with Nepal, Cambodia and Tibet. 

You can also choose your colors and mix and match!
I'm a HUGE fan of the orange!!
How perfect is that? 

So shop a little and feel good about it for once.....


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