Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tom Ford's Reality....

Usually I would rather read than watch the tellie....
but lately there are a few shows I look forward to such as
Million Dollar Decorators which premiered on Bravo last night! 
It was great seeing Mary McDonald among others strutting their style & I have to say Kathryn Ireland's maid Jacqueline stole the show for me. 
The quirky French "maid" sporting sunglasses and turbans seemed more like an alcoholic aunt than an employee & I have a feeling her quirks will further emerge as the show progresses. 

It will no doubt also be fun to watch Kathryn's attempts to control her 3 sons & keep them from diving off the roof into the pool.  It was sweet that the three of them prepared her birthday dinner...& how cute was the cake Nathan made for her?!

One upcoming hour long documentary
will be debuting on OWN's network June 24th and 
stars one of my favorite Texas born Tom Ford in his "reality".

Tom Ford

As I'm sure you know, Mr. Ford invigorated Gucci and YSL fashion houses among other things and is a style icon. 
I'm always impressed by his fastidious attention to detail & quest for quality.  I was also surprised to learn he has a degree from Parson's in Architecture. 

Tom Ford for YSL
Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Calf Hair Sandals
The iconic YSL Tribute sandal in ponyhair

His simple yet luxurious interiors & architecture
mimic his fashion....

Tom's London townhouse....

Luxury Villa former Tom Ford in London_6

Tom's ranch in Sante Fe....

Photos via French Vogue

Luxurious minimalism personified....

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  1. You're right, Tom Ford certainly knows how to do luxurious minimalism!


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