Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Million Dollar Recap

Being sick-i-poo with the flu for the last four days I had
a chance to watch back to back episodes of Million Dollar Decorators.

The show is fun to watch because all of the designers are characters and they aren't petty or nasty with one another (yet) like all the housewives shows.  (Ugh!)  All that fighting and arguing gets old after a bit and starts to look like an episode of  Jerry Springer no matter how gussied up they are.  Bor-ing! 
This decorating group gets along fabulously and has lots of fun. 

Anyway I particularly love seeing the interactions between the clients, some trusting, others not so much.  It is interesting to see what the results are when the clients finally let go a bit and let the designers do their thing.
This brings up a fantastic Dallas designer I would love to see on the show...
Michelle Nussbaumer!!!

(Those malachite pants are amazing - I'm sure she made them up herself!!)

She owns the amazing menagerie motherload that is Ceylon et Cie on Dragon street in Dallas

Perusing through her shop is like having a smorgasbord of goodies from around the world....
It could take DAYS my friends!!

Antique Venetian glass? check!
Oversized Chinese blue and white pottery? check!
Indian inlaid furniture? check! Uzbekistan suzanis? check!
Funky baskets? check! Moroccan pottery? check!
This could go on for days - you get the idea.....

I want to buy EVERYTHING!!

Anyhoo I would put her toe to toe with the best of them and here is why....

I know this picture is small but it is PACKED with chinoiserie fabulosity...
just look at the pattern the lantern makes on the walls!!

And THIS is the Ceylon Et Cie delivery truck....Enough said!
Ceylon et Cie truck

You can also find Michelle's goods on if you aren't going to Big D anytime soon...
She gets my vote for being on the next Million Dollar Decorators!!

until next time,


  1. Your so sweet! Thank you for the lovely comments. I love your cute blog, and that background is fab!



  2. I agree...thought the same thing last night when I saw the show. Michelle would be an amazing addition! Elizabeth Scokin

  3. Wow! Thanks Michelle! That means alot coming from you....but seriously I have admired your style for ages - Would love to see you and another of my favs Barry Dixon on the next MDD -


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