Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Million Dollar Decorators Recap...

I'm always puzzled by people who hire "professionals"
and then micro-manage them instead of letting them do their job. 

Tonight's episode featured the Shannon Max Factor and her "beach house" which looked
more like a scary pseudo Mediterranean furniture store vignette. 
The only statement that saved her was that the furniture was purchased with the house. 
Whew!  Trust was GOD AWFUL!! 
Thank goodness she hires Kathryn Ireland...
All she does the entire show after telling KI that she wants the entire house remodeled in 8 weeks and if she can't deliver she will have to hire someone else blah blah blah is second guess every suggestion KI offers.  She insists that KI include fabrics that KI knows have no chance of coming in 8 weeks....Hello! 
Doesn't this client realize KI is THE QUEEN of textiles and might have just a LEETLE more experience in these matters having worked with textiles for most of her adult life????   Mind boggling!!

The only excuse I can make for her is that she is preggers which can cause obsessive nesting tendencies but that being said I hope she lays off a little and lets KI do her thang. 
(I will give Shannon a little slack because KI is perpetually late and frazzled when she does finally arrive)

On the total opposite of the spectrum is MLB working with the lovely Tamara Mellon. 
Here is a client/designer partnership that works wonderfully. 

Tamara trusts MLB to some up with something fab for displaying her
gold splattered Jimmy Choos and he does. 
She doesn't get overly involved or dictate what color the shoe and bag pedestals be, she doesn't interfere and whine when she doesn't get her way...she listens and trusts MLB implicitly and the results are perfection.

In the middle we have Mary McDonald with Jill Roberts
(of Seaton which I ADORE!!)
Their cardigans are HEAVENLY!

Jill wants to trust MM but is having control issues.  Meanwhile I was shocked that the painted floor cost $8k??  Seriously for about a 600 square foot room??  I could totally get that done for $2k. 
Anyhoo they go back and forth and MM being the pro that she is knows that eventually when EVERYTHING is in the room Jill will love it and she does of course. 

MM decorated Jill's Seaton boutique and it is are a few pics...

I can't tell you how many clients I have had that see a presentation, then go round and round looking for EVERY possible element like I don't know what is out there and then circle back to exactly what I presented in the beginning.  Seriously if I had a dollar for each time that happened I could afford to put in that million dollar rooftop pool MLB suggested for Tamara's NYC apartment!!  The moral of the show?  If you trust your decorator enough to hire them then go with their instincts about what will work in the space and you will end up with something fabulous or "delicious" as MLB would say :)
You don't second guess your lawyer, you don't question your gynecologist, you don't question your mechanic....your decorator is no different.  Do your due diligence and look through their portfolio.  Where did they study design?  Where have they travelled?  Could you live in their spaces? 
Are they all similar or do they reflect each client's personality and lifestyle? 
If they are all similar do you admire their aesthetic enough to live in it everyday? 

Ask those questions BEFORE you hire them then trust them to do what they do best.  
It will be a lot less stressful for you!


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