Thursday, June 16, 2011

Black Attack....

Today I'm drawn to black it seems...
from traditional to modern 
black is where it's at...

 Hopefully these photos will 
inspire you to add a little to your palate...

I'm jones-ing for a set of these.....
I would use turquoise or lime green shades!!
(Or antique mirrored shades - Duh!)
From Currey and Company

The black frame on this chair accentuates 
its geometric shape...
From Christopher Guy

There are SO many reasons I love this foyer
from Windsor Smith....Lovely!

Love black in a kitchen! So Glam!

The grandfather of the sconces - me likey!

Don't we all look better in black and white photos?!

Oh yes....I managed to find a black dutch door!
I did mention I have a "thing" for dutch doors didn't I?

Sassy black kitchen with....a-hem.....

Black and cream combo

Wear a tiny black Manhattan on your finger!
From Noir

A luxe black patio....

Gotta love a black lacquered front door...

This black bed has got it goin' on and "makes" any room it is in!

Rug from Wisteria

Black office chic....

Usually houses like this are white so I find this
black one very intriguing! get the idea :)

Until next time...

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