Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My New Best Friends....

Summer is finally here! 
I discovered these two AMAZING products I must share tout suite......

The first is a self tanning wipe that is AWESOME...trust me....I have tried them all!!

Comodynes - Self Tanning Towelettes for Face & Body, Natural & Uniform Color - 8 ea
Just wipe on and in 3 hours you will have a lovely glow!!...
(it goes without saying you have properly exfoliated and put your Burts Bees moisturizer on the callous-y areas first)

get them here:

The second is hair related....
I was skeptical when I ordered this but it is THE BOMB for all you ladies fighting frizz and getting those stinky Brazilian straightening treatments....I just sent one to my Mom for mother's day.
YES!!  It is THAT good!

get it here:


Sorry for all of the un-design related posts but don't worry I have lots of design to share with you later this week! 


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  1. Hi Terri,
    We are working on renovating the main room in our house in Delray and love the baseboards and doors that you used at your house here on the lake. Do you have a link or photograph that I could work from in order to get the same effect?
    Love seeing what catches your eye here at your blog!


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