Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lenny Kravitz Day Job...

Did you know Lenny Kravitz is an interior designer? 

Seems the guitar hero can rock more than a stadium!

Here is a peek at his over the top work

17 Villa Roxie in Miami, the Former Crib of Lenny Kravitz

2 Villa Roxie in Miami, the Former Crib of Lenny Kravitz

I have one of those white lamps in my basement but it needs a shade!

I give him an A for his use of texture, dramatic lighting, pattern
(or lack there of) & mix of materials...
& he obviously loves his pianos!
Lenny's projects started out being his personal residences in Miami, New Orleans, NYC & Paris 

Now he is branching out into product design as well as hotels and bars
(logical progression for a rock star) 

Sure would love to work at his firm....
celebrity clients with deep pockets - check!
luxury hotels in exotic locales- check!
free in office concerts - check!

Here are a couple of wallpapers Lenny designed for Flavor Paper

and a light fixture he designed with Swarovski crystals

I think he is truly a talent!  How about you?

You can see more of his work here


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